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    Hockey players on Lower School Pond, 1916

    A photo of SPS hockey players on Lower School Pond - a game against Exeter that took place in February of 1916, won by SPS 10-3. #ohrstromlibrary #ohrstromlibrarydigitalarchives #throwback #throwbackthursday #tbt #hockey #icehockey #pondhockey #blackice #1916 #spshistory #iamsps

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    From the Archives: Clearing the Ice

    This photo was discovered in the St. Paul’s School Archives in a box among some of  the older hockey photos.  It shows two teams of horses pulling equipment, with workers guiding the process.  Someone has penciled in “Planer” and “Scraper” under the teams, and on the back of the photo is written “L S Pond. Clearing the ice.” also in pencil.  There is no date on the photo or any identifying details to help date this image, but horses were used to clear and shave the ice at St. Paul’s in this way at least into the 1950s when the first artificial hockey rink was built. Richard B. McAdoo, SPS…

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    From the Archives: Hockey on Lower School Pond

    Lisa Laughy – Archives Assistant One of the benefits of colder temperatures is thicker ice on Lower School Pond.  Workers have carefully cleared the surface of the pond behind Ohrstrom Library and have set up nets and backboards for playing ice hockey.  St. Paul’s School has a long and honored relationship with the sport, especially considering that SPS is credited as being the birthplace of hockey in the United States.  Those first hockey games played in the early 1880s took place on the same pond as today, and that connection is maintained each winter when SPS students put skates to the ice on Lower School Pond. There are a great…