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    New News(reels)

    New in the library’s eCollections are two newsreel databases.   60 Minutes: Streaming 60-minutes historical broadcasts from 1997-2014.   And, for a more international perspective:   World Newsreels Online: Streaming newsreels from the U.S., France and Japan from 1929-1966.     Image information: “World Newreels Online: Homepage.” Alexander Street Press. Web. 12 Nov. 2015.

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    New Guide: Modern China

    Looking for a current event in China? Need some history related the event? Some background information? Newsreels? Try the new Modern China LibGuide. The guide supplies those library-purchased research collections providing the content described above. Questions?  Thoughts?  lsanborn@sps.edu  

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    Humanities V – Library eCollection Usage

    During the month of May, the month of the Humanities V Capstone Project:   You  Searched:   Global Issues  in Context – 761 times Digital Reference Library – 1,020 times Proquest periodical database – 718 times And viewed the Hum. 5 Capstone Research Guide – 1,632 times Well Done!  

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    Scholarly Journal Articles

    Have a Capstone research topic, accompanying background info and now need scholarly journal articles?   The Hum. 5 Capstone Research Guide page titled ‘Scholarly Journal Articles‘ contains 4 major eJournal collections purchased by the library, together comprising over 3 million journal articles.   That same page also contains a 6 minute video detailing those eCollections as well a few search techniques to employ.