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    Google Scholar? Holler!

    Google Scholar What?  A subset of Google that searches for scholarly literature on the web. A mix of full-text, citations and abstracts.   New: Three of the library’s digital collections are now indexed in Google Scholar: JSTOR, Ebsco, and Proquest.   Meaning? When searching Google Scholar, freely available citations, abstracts and full-text are retrieved, AND now, content from the three library providers named above.   “Adolescents and Sleep.” Search results page.  Google Scholar. Web. 02 Feb. 2016. Quick note: While an exciting and valuable tool, Google Scholar is a non-discerning aggregator, in that it includes questionable and even possibly predatory open-access titles.  When using Google Scholar, consider consulting Beall’s list of “Potential, possible,…

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    New News(reels)

    New in the library’s eCollections are two newsreel databases.   60 Minutes: Streaming 60-minutes historical broadcasts from 1997-2014.   And, for a more international perspective:   World Newsreels Online: Streaming newsreels from the U.S., France and Japan from 1929-1966.     Image information: “World Newreels Online: Homepage.” Alexander Street Press. Web. 12 Nov. 2015.

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    Newsbank Updates

    The library’s fleet of global newspapers from vendor, Newsbank, just got an upgrade, including: More limiters (over on the left) Adapt/tweak search after pressing the search button and eyeing the results The ‘cite’ now button is more prominent   Newsbank made a little video if you’d like to see?            

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    World Newsreels (4 countries) – Trial

    Motivation Third form Hum. Student: “This NBC newsreel about Sputnik is from the U.S. Doesn’t the library have one from Russia that I could watch?” Me: “uhhhhhhhhh”   And while not Russian, library vendor Alexander Street Press, did recently release a new collection of 1929-1966 historic newsreels. Which countries? U.S., a little Japan, some from France as well as some Dutch clips. Want a look? Trial access (when on the SPS network) is available through Feb 20 here.   Comments?  Applications come to mind?  Should the library buy?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!