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    New Reference Book: Gender and Women’s Leadership

    Gender and Women’s Leadership edited by Karen O’Conner, Sage, 2010. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 305.4 OC5G This 2 volume set looks at the “…role leaders play in all facets of human activity…” (xiii).  Most of the 101 entries have been written by women. Article Examples: The Development of Children’s Perceptions of Leadership Women as Leaders in the Military Women’s Leadership in the Fight Against Human Trafficking Women’s Leadership in Asia Women’s Leadership in Psychology Helpful for: Feminist Scholarship, Women’s Studies, Humanities, History, Leadership Studies, Women’s History, Global Studies

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    New Reference Book: The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History

    Lura Sanborn – Reference Librarian The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History edited by Bonnie G. Smith, Oxford University Press, 2008. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 305.4 Ox25W Browse through this new 4-volume set with 1250 entries focused on women’s issues.  The encyclopedia looks at the lives of individual women worldwide from the perspective of culture, work, politics, religion, health, achievements and activity. A sampling of topics include: Capitalism, Explorers and Exploration, Food Riots, International Lesbian and Gay Association, Islamic Empires. Individual biographical entries include: Queen of Zaria Aminatu, Empress Wu Zetian, and Big Mama Thornton. Helpful for: Humanities V, Humanities IV, Women’s Studies, World History, Global Studies