Rev H. A. Coit D.D


This photograph of the Rev. Dr. Henry Augustus Coit, First Rector of St. Paul’s School (1856-1895), is one of the few candid photographs of him found in the archives collection. This particular photograph was taken by Leland Beekman Garretson, Form of 1898. Judging from the background it appears that Coit is a spectator on the Lower Grounds, and it is likely that he is watching a game of Cricket.

In Arthur Stanwood Pier’s book, St. Paul’s School 1855 – 1934,  he describes Henry Coit’s interest in cricket:

Slight as was the interest that Henry Coit took in any match game and indifferent as he was himself to all sports, he looked with favor on cricket.  It was a game that gentlemen in Philadelphia played, and it had years of sound English tradition behind it. . . The fact that it had no popular vogue in America was irrelevant; the fact that besides being a healthy form of exercise it was clean and rather picturesque and brought out no vulgar shouting was all important.

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