Exeter Academy vs St. Paul’s School


This photograph shows the St. Paul’s School hockey team playing against Exeter Academy on the ice on Lower School Pond. According to the information below, this was the first time that these two teams ever played each other in hockey.

The February 22, 1916 (pg. 145) edition of the Horae Scholasticae describes the game:

On Wednesday, February 16, with perfect weather and splendid ice, the game between Exeter and St. Paul’s took place. The game was the first that St. Paul’s has played with any other school for a number of years and our reputation on the ice was at stake. This reputation was upheld, however, for although the Exeter team played well, after the first ten minutes of the first half had elapsed the St. Paul’s team clearly outskated and outplayed their opponents, with the result that they obtained a 10-3 victory.

The March 22, 1916 (pg. 174-75) edition of the Horae Scholasticae also has this information about the game:

The Exeter game was eagerly looked forward to by the boys, for it has been some years since we played a school. In fact we have never played a school except in New York, when we last played St. Mark’s in 1908 and won 11-0. . .Since 1908 we have played only with colleges and athletic clubs, until this Exeter game. Exeter had a good team, but it was no match either in speed or in technique with St. Paul’s. We trust this may be an annual event here, for these two great New Hampshire schools should certainly meet in this winter sport.

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