First Eleven Isthmian Autumn 1880


This photograph is of the First Eleven Isthmian cricket team from the fall of 1880.  Notations on this and other copies of the same photograph in the archives collection list the team members as:

Back Row (left to right):

Franklin Remington, Form of 1881

The Rev. Edward Melville Parker, Form of 1872 and faculty member from 1879-1906

Dr. James Milnor Coit, Form of 1860 and faculty member from 1877-1906

William Hamilton Foster, Form of 1881


Middle Row (left to right):


Lester Carrington Dole, faculty member from 1878-1918

Thomas Shoenberger Blair, Jr. Form of 1880 and team captain

Julius Tyler Andrews Doolittle, Form of 1880

James Gregory Mumford, Form of 1880

Joseph Howland Coit, Jr., Form of 1881

Front Row (reclining, left to right):

John Lawrence Pool, Form of 1881

The Rev. Thomas James Drumm, faculty member from 1874-1911




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"First Eleven Isthmian Autumn 1880." St. Paul's School. Ohrstrom Library Digital Archives. Web. 13 July 2024.