Sixth Form of 1888


This photograph features the members of the Sixth Form of 1888, seated along the fence that lined Rectory Road, with the recently completed New Chapel in the background.

In the May 1941 issue of the Alumni Horae (pg. 13), Malcolm Kenneth Gordon, Form of 1887, wrote this:

In those days the boys went to college from the Fifth Form. A few were invited back for the Sixth Form, and sometimes a boy would take another year in the Upper Sixth. Instead of going to college in ’87, I came back for the Sixth Form year, at the end of which Dr. Coit asked me to return for another year, which I did, and then became a master.

The students shown in this photograph are counted as members of the Form of 1887 even though they stayed on for the 1888 Sixth Form year. The Horae Scholasticae from October 8, 1887  (pg. 23) provides this information about the Sixth Form of 1888:

There are 19 in the VI Form; 7 from last year’s V A, 6 from V B, and 6 from V Scientific.  At a meeting of the form Gordon was elected president.

According to the inscription on the back, the photograph belonged to Malcolm Kenneth Gordon. He was a student at St. Paul’s School from 1882 – 1889 a member of the faculty from 1889 – 1917.  He is standing in the middle row behind the second person from the left seated in the first row. He inscribed the back of the photo with this: “The last VI form to sit in Old Chapel The first VI form to sit in New Chapel.”


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