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    Newsbank Updates

    The library’s fleet of global newspapers from vendor, Newsbank, just got an upgrade, including: More limiters (over on the left) Adapt/tweak search after pressing the search button and eyeing the results The ‘cite’ now button is more prominent   Newsbank made a little video if you’d like to see?            

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    Beta Test from Newsbank

    Always wanted to be able to co-search the current international news (from the library’s purchase of Access World News) concurrently with historical U.S. newspaper content (from the library’s purchase of America’s Regional Historical Newspapers:1690-2000)? With Newsbank’s (the parent company of these 2 products) current beta test of their new interface, we can! While we continue to have access to each discreet collection, the newly available beta interface includes concurrent searches of the above 2 products, along with additional limiters such as: language, decade, and readability.     Thoughts to share?  Useful?  Take the beta test survey at the top of the beta site page, and/or, do be in touch:  lsanborn@sps.edu

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    The Library hearts Canada

    In the last week, several SPS-ers have inquired about accessing Canadian newspapers.  The library has that!   The Access World News database, purchased by the library, offers the ability to limit this eCollection to news produced solely in Canada.   Select all/any of the available Canadian regions to read the newest news from Canada.   Off the grounds?  Do first log in to http://vpn.sps.edu to access this eCollection, updated daily, of global world news. Photo by alexindigo