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    New Research Guide: L.A. Riots

    A new research guide for the Humanities IV L.A. Riots project  is available on the library’s website.  Use this guide to identify and review: reference materials, library catalog (printed books & eBooks), newspaper collections, NBC newsreels, and Noodlebib citation tutorials. Please feel free to contact Ms. Sanborn (lsanborn at sps dot edu) for a research consultation and/or to discuss any of the items in this guide.

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    New Reference Book: Encyclopedia of African American History

    Encyclopedia of African American History: 1619 -1895 edited by Paul Finkelman, Oxford U. Press, 2006. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 305.896 F49A Throughout three volumes this set discusses the history of African Americans from the earliest American settlements to the close of the nineteenth century corresponding with the death of Frederick Douglass. Entries focus on historical biography, politics, law, culture, religion, and economics. Examples include: African Americans and the West, Black Seafarers, Haitian Revolutions, Hair and Beauty Culture, Ida B. Wells-Barnett Helpful for: Humanities IV, American History, African American Studies, Social History Encyclopedia of African American History: 1896 to the Present edited by Paul Finkelman, Oxford U. Press, 2009.…