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    New Reference Book: The Koreas

    The Koreas: Asia in Focus edited by Mary E. Conner, ABC-Clio, 2009. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 951.9 C76K A one volume set covering historical and contemporary Korean topics.  This volume is divided into 7 chapters: Geography History Government and Politics Economy Society Culture Contemporary Issues Each chapter is then divided into several sub-headings, including: Geography – The Korean Peninsula History – The Colonial Period (1910-1945) Government and Politics – The Impact of Tradition on Political Development Economy – Labor Society – Social Classes & Ethnicity Culture – Etiquette Contemporary Issues – The Koreas in the Information Age Helpful for: Korea Week, Asian Studies, Global Studies, Humanities

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    New Reference Book: Society and Culture in the Ancient World

    Encyclopedia of Society and Culture in the Ancient World edited by Peter Bogucki, Facts on File, 2008. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 930 B63S This four-volume set contains sixty-nine entries, fourteen of which cover more in-depth topics,  discussing society and culture of the Ancient World through the fall of Rome, 476 C.E.  Topics include western and non-western societies and cultures.  Each entry discusses the article topic from the viewpoint of the following geographic areas: Africa Egypt The Middle East Asia and the Pacific Europe Greece Rome The Americas Illustrations, maps and a collection of primary sources are dotted throughout. Examples include: Adornment, Family, Money and Coinage, Natural Disasters, Textiles…

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    New Reference Book: Berkshire Encyclopedia of China

    Berkshire Encyclopedia of China edited by Linsun Cheng, Berkshire, 2009. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 951 B45 Just in time for writing your Ma Prize essay, Ohrstrom Library has acquired this five-volume set with 800+ articles about historical and modern day China. Includes articles that focus on: art, philosophy, economics & development, people, social & cultural history, the natural world and international relationships. Examples include:  Bamboo; Clothing, Traditional – Hong Kong; Dragon Boat Festival; Energy, Renewable; Ming Dynasty; and Yungang Caves Helpful for:  Asian Studies, Global Studies, Ma Essay Prize, Humanities V

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    New Reference Book: The Encyclopedia of Taoism

    Lura Sanborn – Reference Librarian The Encyclopedia of Taoism edited by Fabrizio Pregadio, Routledge, 2008. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 299.51 P91T This 2-volume set describes the history, traditions and principles of Taoism. The encyclopedia is divided into 5 main thematic sections: Overview – including entries related to: Scriptures and Texts, Deities and Spirits, Sacred Sites The Taoist Universe – including entries related to: Doctrinal Notions, Transcendence and Immortality, Mountains and Mountain Monographs History- including entries related to: Pre-Han and Han Background, Shangqing, Contemporary Taoism Forms of Religious Practice and Experience – including entries related to: Meditation, Alchemy, Ritual Taoism and Chinese Buddhism– including entries related to: Persons, Texts…