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    New Reference Book: Arab Filmmakers of the Middle East

    Arab Filmmakers of the Middle East: A Dictionary by Roy Armes, Indiana U. Press, 2010. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 791.43 Ar5R A helpful introduction on filmmaking in the Middle East is then followed by an alphabetical list of filmmakers in and from the Middle East.  Each name is followed by a brief biography and filmography. Examples: Al-Rais, Maria Mohammad Badr, Liana Khill, Ibrahim Tabari, Ula Zureikat, Sima Helpful for: Film Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Humanities, History, Global Studies, Gender Studies

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    New Reference Book: The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World

    The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World edited by John L. Esposito, Oxford, 2009. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 956 Ox2I This comprehensive six volume set covers religious, historical and contemporary Islamic world topics. Also: Consider using the library database Oxford Islamic Studies for reference articles gathered from a variety of Islamic studies material, including The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World. Articles are arranged alphabetically, and include the following major categories: History & Geography Religious belief Religious practice, Devotionalism and Ritual Mysticism Islamic Law Theology, Philosophy, Ideology Schools of Thought Politics Economics Culture and Society Institutions, Organizations and Movements Biographies Islamic Studies Examples: Afsharid Dynasty, Criminal Law, Games…

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    New Reference Book: Society and Culture in the Ancient World

    Encyclopedia of Society and Culture in the Ancient World edited by Peter Bogucki, Facts on File, 2008. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 930 B63S This four-volume set contains sixty-nine entries, fourteen of which cover more in-depth topics,  discussing society and culture of the Ancient World through the fall of Rome, 476 C.E.  Topics include western and non-western societies and cultures.  Each entry discusses the article topic from the viewpoint of the following geographic areas: Africa Egypt The Middle East Asia and the Pacific Europe Greece Rome The Americas Illustrations, maps and a collection of primary sources are dotted throughout. Examples include: Adornment, Family, Money and Coinage, Natural Disasters, Textiles…

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    New Reference Book: Children’s Issues Worldwide

    The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Children’s Issues Worldwide edited by Irving Epstein, Greenwood Press, 2008. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 305.2303 Ep8 Each volume in this six-volume set presents children’s issues from a different area of the globe.  Included is a discussion of the United Nations codification of children’s rights as well as an introduction specific to each region. The six volumes are divided into these regions: Volume 1 – Asia and Oceania Volume 2 – Central and South America Volume 3 – Europe Volume 4 – North America and the Caribbean Volume 5 – Sub-Saharan Africa Volume 6 – North Africa and the Middle East Each volume is then…

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    New Reference Book: Encyclopedia of Modern Ethnic Conflicts

    Encyclopedia of Modern Ethnic Conflicts edited by Joseph R. Rudolph, Jr., Greenwood, 2003. Find it in Ohrstrom at: REF 305.8 R83 A one-volume guide concerning the study of global ethnic conflict during the 20th Century.  Each of the thirty-eight individual entries discusses the historical background of a particular ethnic conflict, how the conflict was managed, and the impact of the conflict. Examples include: Canada: The Nationalist Movement in Quebec China: Ethnic Conflict and the International System France: The “Foreigner” Issue Middle East: The Arab-Jewish Struggle for Palestine to 1948 Rwanda: Hutu-Tutsi Conflict and Genocide in Central Africa United States: The United States – Puerto Rico Relationship Helpful for:  Literature of…