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    Hum. 3 and Persepolis

    Dear Hum. 3, Great to see you throughout this week!   Here’s the research guide we looked at; your mini-library for finding context and historical background related to Iran in the 1970’s.   Want to see Iran from the 1970’s?  The library’s subscription to the AP Image database (12 million images) can help with that.  I would recommend using the Advanced Search feature to limit the date range to the needed decade.    

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    Hum. 4 Paper!

    It begins!   Happy Picard. Meme Generator.  Imgflip.com  Web. 10 March 2016.   As always, there’s a research guide for that!  The Hum. 4 Research Guide identifies library sources for finding a topic, getting background information, locating books, magazines, newsreels and even documentaries.   Hum. 4 research questions?  Do be in touch!  Ms. Sanborn        

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    Dear Molecular Biology,

    So good to see you! Thanks for the great discussion defining scholarly journals & for being willing to try the new Poll Everywhere software.  I loved seeing your thoughts and answers up on the big screen!   Here’s the link to the research guide we looked at, which includes sources for finding a topic and those scholarly journals.          

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    Dear Physics V,

    Looking for scientific articles about contemporary alternative energy sources?   The Physics V: Clean Energy research guide contains just that!  New this year is the Science in Context database & updated interface from the journal Science.