Open Library: Lending Library

Ohrstrom Library is a member of the Open Library: Lending Library program. What is it? A collection currently containing about 200,000 eBooks. Collection contents:  A wide amalgamation of out-of-copyright, in-copyright, fiction, non-fiction and children’s stories. Where is it? Key … Continued

Chronicle of Higher Education: Site License

The Library is very happy to share its recent purchase of a site license to The Chronicle of Higher Education. What does this mean? Anybody using the campus computer network can view articles at Anybody using the campus computer … Continued

Magazine Archive within Google Books

Google Books contains a collection of magazines embedded within its larger Google Books tool.  Titles range from American Woodworker, Current Organic Chemistry to Texas Monthly with many title in between.  Date range varies widely by title. This brief video describes … Continued

eBooks in Project Muse Beta Site

We already love Project Muse for recent journal content, but very soon we will also have the opportunity to fall in love with Project Muse all over again – this time with eBooks!  Earlier this year Project Muse announced it … Continued