Sheldon Library


This photo, taken sometime between 1901 and 1906, shows the view of the newly constructed Sheldon Library across Library Pond.  To the left is the Boy’s Workshop (previously the Old Laboratory) attached to the Dynamo House, which were both torn down in 1928 to make room to build Hargate.

Sheldon Library, begun in 1900 and dedicated on June 6, 1901, was the gift of the children of William C. Sheldon, a Trustee from 1877 to 1896. Designed by the architect Ernest Flagg, it was built on the site of the original Miller’s Cottage.  The interior layout featured a central chamber with a high ceiling that functioned as the main reading room, with reading rooms on either side.  The stacks were located in the rear of the building.  Niches in the main reading room displayed busts of classic authors, and the walls were decorated with an assortment of paintings.  Sheldon served at the School’s library from 1901 until the building of Ohrstrom Library was completed in 1991.

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