Spanish-American War Memorial: Sheldon Library Terrace


Located on the terrace outside the main entrance to Sheldon, this memorial of the Spanish-American War was dedicated on June 6, 1906, as part of the School’s Fiftieth Anniversary celebration.  In St. Paul’s: The Life of a New England School, August Heckscher describes the statue:

The memorial itself, a bronze statue by Bela Pratt, showed a soldier at ease but tense, committed but with an air of youthful insouciance. It seemed the perfect tribute, and typified the attitude toward war of that innocent generations.

Bela Lyon Pratt was a celebrated sculptor with a number of impressive commissions (for the World’s Columbian Exhibition and the Library of Congress, among others) completed prior to creating this piece for St. Paul’s.  A former student of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, whom he counted at his mentor, Pratt was commissioned by St. Paul’s School to create a bust of Dr. Henry Augustus Coit in 1897 before creating this memorial in 1906 titled Young Soldier.

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