Archie McCrea


The boy in this photograph is identified as “Archie McCrea” and is Archibald Montgomery McCrea, Form of 1894.  The New Chapel is behind him, and on the left of the photograph is the Big Study.

Archie McCrea was a Delphian, and during the 1890-91 school year played on the club’s third football eleven team.  By the Fall of 1892 he had worked his way up to the Delphian first eleven as a rusher, and went on to Yale to play football.  He was from Pittsburgh, PA, and his father was the president of the Pennsylvania Railroad. He went on to become the president of the Union Spring and Manufacturing Company of New York and Pittsburgh.

In 1911, McCrea made the newspapers when his wife, Mary Corling Johnston Dunlop, sacrificed her two million dollar inheritance from her previous marriage – a sum in excess of forty six million of today’s dollars – in order to marry him.   An article in the Pittsburgh Press of October 22, 1911 states:

“In love as she really was, and young Mr. McCrea kept begging her to name the day. On one hand was the millions left to her by her first husband . . .  on the other was the young man who was desperately in love with her and cared nothing for her money.”

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