Concord Album Inscription


The inscription inside the back cover of the Concord New Hampshire album.  Inscription reads: “Just a little reminder of Concord, New Hamp Feb. 22, 1916 G. W. Ellsworth. D.M.T.”

February 22, 1916 was Washington’s Birthday, a day traditionally without classes at St. Paul’s School. According to the March 22, 1916 edition of the Horae Scholasticae (pg. 166), on that day there was a hockey game played against Dartmouth, a fair to raise money for the Orphans Homes, a dance, and a performance  of the play “The Second in Command.” It is unclear who G. W. Ellsworth was, but it is possible that he put together this album as a reminder of that day.

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Ellsworth, G. W. 1916. "Concord Album Inscription." St. Paul's School. Ohrstrom Library Digital Archives. Web. 21 July 2024.