Miller’s House (Site of Library)


A Kodak No. 2 photograph of Miller’s House likely dating from the early 1890s. In this photograph the cottage is in the location now occupied by Sheldon Library, built in 1901.

Miller’s House was part of the original grant at the founding of the school. According to Arthur Stanwood Pier’s book, St. Paul’s School 1855-1934 (pgs. 47, 57, 88-90), Miller’s House served a variety of functions throughout the early history of the school: soicial gathering space, early science lab, faculty housing, and student housing. On October 17th, 1869, while the students were attending evening chapel services, a fire broke out in the barn adjacent to Miller’s House that damaged the roof and the west end of the house. Following the burning of the Old School in 1878, an additional floor was added to Miller’s House to accommodate housing more students.

Miller Cottage, as it is now called, was moved in 1892 and is now located on Dunbarton Road.

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