Form Plaque: 1931


This unattributed description, most likely written by John Gregory Wiggins, appeared in the Spring 1932 edition of the Alumni Horae:

This was a picturesque year in which occurred a Gaudy, recorded by a boar’s head on a charger, and a Christmas pageant, shown by one of the magi on a camel. In the lower section we have the new St. Paul’s School coat of arms set in the midst of a raging sea, in which we find a swimmer and a conventionalized shad, leaping. This is to mark the event of the Shattuck president’s accident at the Pond, and the surprise occasioned to the Shattucks. On the ribbon on either side of the date we have crossed hockey sticks and keys, to mark an undefeated hockey team, and four ΦBK elections. The peculiar animal at the top is to recall the appearance of a mysterious beast on the ice whose species could not be determined. The Horae noted the fact thus: “On the 6th of December the peculiar animal seen at St. Paul’s in 1888, 42 years ago, appeared again on the ice in the Library Pond. We shall be interested to see if the Horae of 42 years hence makes mention of such a beast.”

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