Construction of New Chapel


Construction began on the New Chapel in the summer of 1886, and the Chapel was consecrated on June 5, 1888.  This photograph is not dated, but judging by the progress of the construction it appears to have been taken after May of 1887.

The Horae Scholasticae from October 6, 1886 (pg. 4) has this to say about the construction:

The actual work on the chapel was begun about the middle of July, and when the boys arrived in September the foundation had been laid, and the walls had already risen to quite a considerable height. .  . At present the work is not progressing as rapidly as the committee would wish, owing to the difficulty, almost impossibility, of obtaining suitable workmen.

The Horae Scholasticae from December 4, 1886 (pg. 60) adds this detail:

The work on the Chapel has progressed slowly of late. The walls are up to the middle of the windows, and the arches of two of the chancel windows have been completed.  Contrary to what was at first hoped, it will be impossible to have the building under cover before winter.

The Horae Scholasticae from May 26, 1887 (pg. 147) records this information:

The Chapel is now ready for the roof.  The tower has reached the height of the main gable, and the traceries in the large windows, all of them beautiful specimens of stone-work, have been put in place.  Preparatory work is being done on the frame-work of the roof, and all the external masonry is nearly finished.

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