Pulpit: New Chapel


This pulpit was a gift of the Form of 1887. The Horae Scholasticae from December 17, 1887  (pg. 92) offered these thoughts on the Chapel furniture and appointments:

As years roll on, the many beautiful windows, the pulpit, the reading-desk, the font, and all the furniture of the building, will be memorials of the love of the men and boys who have borne and will bear the S. Paul’s of the past to the S. Paul’s of the future.  If “architecture be frozen music,” as has been said, surely the memorials of those that have lived here and gone out from here to meet the world, will form the fittest poetry – the poetry of love and life – which could be made for that music.

The School publication The Chapel of Saint Peter and Saint Paul (pg. 14) includes this description of the pulpit:

The carved oak pulpit bears symbolic panels. Reading from the stair rail, these are: 1. Shield of St. Paul. 2. Pelican. 3. Eagle of St. John. 4. Bull of St. Luke. 5. Agnus Dei. 6. Lion of St. Mark. 7. Winged man of St. Matthew. 8. Shield combining symbols of St. Peter and St. Paul.

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