Mohican (Isthmian) Champion Hockey Team 1889


This early photo is of the Isthmian Hockey Eleven from the winter of 1888/1889.  Originally the Isthmian club was named “Mohicans”, thus the letter “M” on the sweaters.

The back of this photograph identifies the players as:

Back row (left to right):

Post: Richard Bayley Post, Form of 1888

Hare: Charles Willing Hare, Form of 1890

Dinsmore: William Brown Dinsmore, Form of 1887


Wheeler: Arthur Ledlie Wheeler, Form of 1990

Hoagland: William Wyman Hoagland, Form of 1891

Gordon: Malcom Kenneth Gordon, Form of 1887

Front row (left to right):

Scott: George Isham Scott, Form of 1889


Tompkins: John Almy Tompkins, 2nd, Form of 1888

Ilingworth: Clarence Illingworth, Form of 1890

Hanscom: Isaiah Clifford Hanscom, Form of 1889

The Record of 1899 identifies the members of the Isthmian Hockey Eleven as: Richard B. Post (Captain), Rev. James P. Conover, William B. Dinsmore, Jr., Malcolm K. Gordon, John A. Tompkins, Clifford Hanscom, Arthur L. Wheeler, Charles W. Hare, George I. Scott, Edwin H. Dennison, Charles A. Lewis.

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"Mohican (Isthmian) Champion Hockey Team 1889." St. Paul's School. Ohrstrom Library Digital Archives. Web. 13 July 2024.