Form Plaque: 1859


This photo is of the Form plaque carving for 1859 on display in the Coit Upper Dining Hall that was completed by woodcarver John Gregory Wiggins sometime between November of 1922 and May of 1923.

The following description of the design was written by Wiggins in the June 7, 1923 edition of the Horae Scholasticae:

The lower section shows the first recorded boat-race on the School pond, when the “Emily” was defeated by the “Magnolia,” and the “Undine” by the “Sintram.”  Both races were for pair-oars with a coxswain.  In the upper left-hand corner the Old Chapel tower is indicated, as during the Sixth Form year of this class the Old Chapel was consecrated.  The upper right-hand corner shows a mountain top, as the entire School climbed Kearsarge this year.  In both these panels the pines are shown bending before the wind, which prevailed very strong through the spring of this year.  The corners of the shield show cricketers playing the game most popular in those days.  This year the Olympians, the fore-runners of the Old Hundreds, beat the Isthmians.  The upper center shows a scroll indicating the first School diplomas (this was the first form to graduate from S. P. S.).

Click the thumbnail on the left to see the original concept drawing created by Wiggins as part of the design process for this carving.

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