New Archives Online Exhibit: Ohrstrom Library Celebrates 25 Years

By - Systems Librarian May 5th, 2016


Construction of the roof and tower of Ohrstrom Library as seen from the scaffolding surrounding the chimney – taken in the fall of 1989.

A new online exhibit is available on the Ohrstrom Library Digital Archives website: Ohrstrom Library Celebrates 25 Years. This exhibit features sixteen photographs from the St. Paul’s School Archives collection that document the planning, construction, and dedication of Ohrstrom Library twenty-five years ago this spring.

From the introduction:

On the 25th Anniversary of Ohrstrom Library, we are pleased to present this exhibit highlighting some of these events that were the result of years of careful planning and great thought by many who cared deeply for the role of the library at St. Paul’s School.

Take a few moments to enjoy the photographs, descriptions and slide show of Ohrstrom Library, celebrating this milestone in the history of St. Paul’s School’s dedicated tradition of academic excellence.

Access the online exhibit by clicking HERE.

New Archives Exhibit: The Form Plaques of SPS

By - Systems Librarian March 31st, 2011

As promised on Ohrstrom Blog just prior to March break, a new Archives online exhibit is now available on the Ohrstrom Library Digital Archives: The Form Plaques of St. Paul’s School: John Gregory Wiggins.

Eighteen images have been selected as the focus of the exhibit. Each image includes a description of the symbols employed in the plaque design and is written by the carver of the plaques, John Gregory Wiggins.  In addition to the individual entries in the exhibit you can take a quick overview of the plaques by viewing a slideshow of the images. The exhibit offers a great introduction to this School tradition, and helps to decipher some of the interesting imagery used to depict aspects of St. Paul’s School history.

A more detailed description of the Form plaque tradition begun by Fourth Rector Samuel Smith Drury and Wiggins can be read HERE.

You can also view a complete list of Form plaque images available on OLDA by clicking HERE.

Take a few minutes to browse through this latest addition to the OLDA collection and learn more about the history of the plaques that adorn the dining halls in the Upper.

New Archives Online Exhibit: The Rectors of SPS

By - Systems Librarian March 2nd, 2010

Ohrstrom Library is pleased to announce the addition of a new archives online exhibit: The Rectors of St. Paul’s School.

Since its founding in 1856, St. Paul’s School is fortunate to have enjoyed strong leadership in its Rectors.  The Rectors exhibit in the Archives section of Ohrstrom Library’s website presents the succession of these leaders through photographs and short biographies, and serves as a brief introduction to the fascinating history of leadership at St. Paul’s School.

Much of the text and perspectives shared in the brief biographies that accompany photographs of the Rectors were drawn directly from two authoritative and well-loved volumes about St. Paul’s School: A brief history of St. Paul’s School, 1856-1996 by August Heckscher (located in Ohrstrom at: 373 Sa2H) and St. Paul’s School, 1855 – 1934 by Arthur Stanwood Pier (located in Ohrstrom at: 373 Sa2). In addition to reading these two volumes, you can find even more fascinating detail on each of the Rectors by searching the Alumni Horae digital archive, accessible online by clicking HERE.

Postcards from the Past: SPS Historic Postcard Exhibit

By - Systems Librarian May 15th, 2009

Lisa Laughy – Archives Assistant

The Historic Postcard online exhibit has now been updated to reflect the redesign of the Ohrstrom Library website.  Originally created in 2006, the exhibit has a new look as well as some new features.

Here is a description of the exhibit excerpted from the “About” page:

The SPS Historical Postcard exhibit presents images of St. Paul’s School from the late 1800s to the present. The scenes and buildings depicted by these postcards provide glimpses of the School as it has grown and changed over the decades. Images of vanished buildings, unfamiliar perspectives on buildings still in service, and of the School’s changing landscape (for example, the School’s stately elm trees from the days before Dutch Elm disease) offer an evocative mixture of the familiar and the unfamiliar, and invite us to view the School today with a fresh perspective.

The exhibit contains 79 postcard images gathered from the SPS Archives and loaned by friends of St. Paul’s School.  It includes individual pages for each postcard and a slideshow of all 79 postcard images.  Images are of vistas of years past, including familiar as well as “vanished” buildings.

Read more about the Postcard Exhibit HERE.

Access the Postcard Exhibit Galleries and Slideshow HERE.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Display at Ohrstrom Library

By - Systems Librarian January 15th, 2009

Lisa Laughy – Archives Assistant

Ohrstrom Library marks the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. Day remembrance with a look into the St. Paul’s School Archives.  SPS Archivist, David Levesque has assembled a display of books about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement combined with related Archives materials from the history of St. Paul’s.  The display is on view in the Baker Reading Room starting today and will be available through the end of the month.  Be sure to give yourself a few minutes to look over the materials on display and see how the day has been observed at SPS in years past.

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