Summer of Construction

By - Systems Librarian September 7th, 2016


Ohrstrom Library has had a very busy summer! While you were away, the building was renovated on all three floors as well as to the exterior. Here is a list of changes and improvements made:

  • A new access ramp has been constructed at the front entrance
  • The main stairwell has been completely redesigned and a glass doorway has been added on the lower level
  • The Baker Reading Room will have new furniture installed by the beginning of October
  • Glass doors have been added to the Pillsbury and Reference room entrances on the main level and the Fine Arts Room and Shakespeare Room on the upper level
  • The open spaces between the Pillsbury Room ceiling and the Fine Arts Room floor have been sealed to create quieter study areas
  • The lower level print book collection is now installed in user-accessible compact shelving
  • Major renovations to the archives include the addition of compact shelving, the replacement of the “cage” with walls, and a new glass access door
  • The Penner CIT conference room has been converted into an office space for the newly created position of Director of Institutional Research
  • The lower level lobby has been renovated to extend the wood paneling from the stairwell throughout the lobby

link to Flickr slideshow

An exhibit documenting the construction is on display at the front desk of the library, and features a slide show of photographs taken over the summer.

The slide show is also visible on the Ohrstom Library Flickr account by clicking the image on the left or the link HERE.

The final aspects of the renovations will be completed in the next few weeks, so please excuse any disruptions while the work is finishing up.








New Archives Online Exhibit: Ohrstrom Library Celebrates 25 Years

By - Systems Librarian May 5th, 2016


Construction of the roof and tower of Ohrstrom Library as seen from the scaffolding surrounding the chimney – taken in the fall of 1989.

A new online exhibit is available on the Ohrstrom Library Digital Archives website: Ohrstrom Library Celebrates 25 Years. This exhibit features sixteen photographs from the St. Paul’s School Archives collection that document the planning, construction, and dedication of Ohrstrom Library twenty-five years ago this spring.

From the introduction:

On the 25th Anniversary of Ohrstrom Library, we are pleased to present this exhibit highlighting some of these events that were the result of years of careful planning and great thought by many who cared deeply for the role of the library at St. Paul’s School.

Take a few moments to enjoy the photographs, descriptions and slide show of Ohrstrom Library, celebrating this milestone in the history of St. Paul’s School’s dedicated tradition of academic excellence.

Access the online exhibit by clicking HERE.

From the Archives: SPS Under Construction

By - Systems Librarian June 8th, 2010

As construction continues on Dunbarton Road and the new Lindsay Center for Mathematics and Science, it brings to mind other major construction projects from the history of St. Paul’s School.  Although difficult to tell from inside or outside of the New Chapel, an entire section was added to the nave forty-two years after original construction began.  The images below depict the expansion at its most dramatic point:

In 1928 the New Chapel was expanded to accommodate the increasing number of students at St. Paul’s School.  The Sesquicentennial Exhibit offers this description of the photos:

In 1928 the Chapel was deconsecrated and workmen began to slice through the brick walls. The School held its collective breath as the eastern end of the vast structure, seemingly too narrow to hold itself erect, was slid upon tracks to its new location. The task of reconstruction then went forward as the void between the two parts of the old building was filled with Gothic tracery.

See if you can spot this particularly brave fellow in the picture above!

From the Archives: Dunbarton Road Construction

By - Systems Librarian May 13th, 2010

Dunbarton Road, once called New Dunbarton Road, is undergoing construction as part of the site preparation for the building of the Lindsay Center for Mathematics and Science.  Rectory Road, the original Dunbarton Road, was once the main route from Concord to Dunbarton and beyond.  It wasn’t always the quiet roadway through the center of the grounds that it is today, and by the early years of the 20th century the increase in automobile traffic had become a menace.  The New Dunbarton Road was opened in June of 1920 as a way to re-direct traffic away from the center of  the grounds.

The images below were discovered in the Archives as part of a personal photo album given by an unknown donor.  The photo album consists of several dozen black and white photographs of construction at SPS during the first few decades of the 20th century.

Clearing the way: A team of work horses is used to remove rocks from the road.  The corner of the Red Barn can be seen on the left.

Grading the road:  Alumni House is on the left and the Red Barn is on the right. The view is looking toward the entrance to the School.

Heavy metal: A close-up of the steam roller seen the previous image.

Read more about the history of the New Dunbarton Road in this Fall 2008 Alumni Horae article (PDF file) by clicking HERE.