• Nugalia

    February 21, 1914

    Thank goodness: For the Thanksgiving dinner alone, were needed 73 Vermont turkeys, 49 Virginia hams, 2 barrels of sweet potatoes, 5 gallons of olives, 50 dozen bananas, about the same number of oranges, 88 boxes of sardines, 4 gallons of olive oil, not to mention all the delicacies, such as lettuce, nuts and raisins, cranberries, grapes, and the other things that go to make up a proper dinner for the feast.

  • Nugalia

    October 31, 1919

    An old chestnut: It is many years since the chestnuts have been so plentiful as they have been of late.  If the old weather predictions are true, this fact should presage a hard winter. Everybody will pray devoutly that such may be the case, as anything worse than the abominable season of last year cannot be imagined.

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    Ave, avis obscura! – A Horae Halloween

    In the spirit of All Hallows’ Evening, the following excerpt from the October 31, 1925 edition of the Horae Scholasticae, called The Horae Owl, is reprinted below : Ave, avis obscura! Hail, bird of darkness! Once more, high upon the cabinet, perches an owl and looks down at us with unblinking stare. By day he gleans the pages of past and future Horae and is acquainted far in advance with the guarded secrets of each issue. And when all the editors are deep in slumber he shrugs his shoulders, stiff from holding the same position all day, and coming into life and motion flies with powerful beats through the window, to float…

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    Nugalia: Introduction

    St. Paul’s School’s Horae Scholasticae is the oldest school or college literary magazines in continuous publication in the United States, the first issue having appeared on June 1, 1860. Prior to the publication of the Alumni Horae in 1921 and The Pelican in 1945, the Horae Scholasticae also served to chronicle the School’s history and news of school life, as well as publishing the early literary efforts of many noted 19th-century authors such as Francis Marion Crawford and Owen Wister. Many of the earlier editions of the Horae Scholasticae contained a column of newsy tidbits called “Nugalia” that encapsulated the day-to-day experience of student life at St. Paul’s School.  The…