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    Mysterious Stranger

    Who is this mysterious stranger spotted lurking in the archives? You will need to wait until Anniversary Weekend to find out! #ohrstromlibrary #ohrstromlibrarydigitalarchives #iamsps #stranger #archives #anniversaryweekend #isthmian #baseball #oldschool

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    From the Archives: Club Banners

    Most people who look up and notice the club banners on display in the lobby of the Blass Club House probably associate them with the club sports competition begun at St. Paul’s School in 1888. In actuality the Isthmian, Delphian and Old Hundred banners have nothing to do with sports. Their origins have more in common with this year’s revived Club Cup competition than with the sports-only club rivalries that are a better-known part of school history. The club banners were the inspiration of Samuel Smith Drury, Rector of St. Paul’s School from  1911 to 1938. In the Spring 1921 Alumni Horae he described his new plan to use the…

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    The Year in Review: 1910

    The Record of 1910 and 1911, School publications covering the 1910-1911 academic year,  provide some insight into what student life was like one hundred years ago.  The Reverend Dr. Henry Ferguson was Rector, only the third Rector in the School’s then fifty-four year history.  Interestingly, Ferguson served as Rector from 1906 to 1911, a one-hundred year parallel to our current – and retiring – Rector, William R. Matthews, Jr. In 1910, Kimball Studio of Concord took this photograph of the entire School.  The Record tells us that there were 328 students, all boys,  with 1.5% of them listed as coming from outside the United States.  In 2010, the students number…

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    From the Archives: Delphian Football Eleven, 1897

    The following photo from the St. Paul’s School Archives, located in the basement of Ohrstrom Library, was scanned recently as part of the planning process for a digitization project.  From time-to-time we will be sharing some of these newly scanned images on the Ohrstrom Blog to provide a glimpse into the wealth of visual history contained within the Archives’ photo collections. The first photo in this blog series is of the Delphian Club football team from 1897.  Each of the three clubs at St. Paul’s School – the Isthmian Club, the Old Hundred Club (both founded in 1859),  and the Delphian Club (founded in 1888), had three strings of eleven…